We are the one and only national company that possesses combined competencies in oil & gas services gas services: seismic, drilling and oilfield.

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51 Tahun

Has recorded 51 years of operation to support Indonesia oil & gas exploration & production, as well as distibution and support services

31.140 Km

Supported in Giant Discovery's Effort, Marine 2D Exploration Jambi Merang over 103,8% from target 30.000 km

35 Years

More than 35 years of support for oil & gas management at Mahakam Block as one of main national oil & gas fields

1.600 Units

Managed more than 1.600 fuel logistics transportation in various regions of Indonesia by prioritizing quality, timeliness, security and safety aspects

Drilling & Oilfield Services

By striving for faster and more efficient process through efficient drilling and moving system, we work to ensure a

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Dwi Soetjipto

Dwi Soetjipto

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Vincent Duignan