Continues Improvement Program

Continuous Improvement Program

Continuous Improvement Program (CIP) Perseroan menetapkan CIP sebagai Key Performance Indicator (KPI) 2019 untuk semua divisi dan anak perusahaan. Pada tahun ini terkumpul 145 dari target 110 risalah CIP dari berbagai fungsi. Program CIP ini dikompetisikan dalam berbagai ajang baik internal Perseroan, Grup Pertamina maupun Internasional. Estimasi value creation yang dihasilkan dari inovasi mencapai Rp2,7 triliun

Perseroan menerapkan audit  terpadu secara internal dan eksternal atas implementasi ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 dan ISO 55001:2014. Total obyek audit internal adalah 11 fungsi shared services dan 11 area operasi. Sedangkan obyek audit eksternal adalah 10 fungsi di kantor pusat dan 3 di area operasi. Berdasarkan hasil audit internal terdapat 142 temuan yang kemudian telah ditindaklanjuti dengan capaian 100% closed, dan untuk hasil audit eksternal menyatakan bahwa tidak ada ketidaksesuaian yang bersifat mayor. The training organized by the Company is divided into several types, as follows:

  1. Certification, training that becomes mandatory in a job that shows that workers are able to do a job according to standards in certain fields.
  2. Soft Skill, training conducted to improve soft (non-technical) competence in accordance with work activities carried out.
  3. Technical, training conducted to improve technical competence in accordance with work activities carried out.
  4. General, training provided in the context of increasing competencies related to the oil and gas industry and other general fields beyond Technical & Soft Skill training.

Coaching & Mentoring Program As part of developing employee capabilities, starting in 2018 the Company has begun to promote Coaching & Mentoring program within the Company through a digital platform namely ECMA Apps. ECMA can be accessed by employees who are still active in the Company or Employees outside the Company (must be registered). The goal is to document all knowledge and can be easily accessed by all users so that learning activities can be done anywhere and anytime.

Knowledge Management System In order to avoid the loss of intellectual knowledge asset when an employee leaves a Company, on an ongoing basis since 2017, the Company continues to strengthen the Knowledge Management System to document the knowledge asset (explicit and tacit knowledge) owned by the Company's HR. Knowledge asset is contained in a knowledge management portal that is integrated with the management of knowledge asset managed by PT Pertamina (Persero).

Sharing Session In addition to the training program, EPS also organizes a knowledge sharing program as a place for exchanging ideas, knowledge, and information about the oil & gas industry among workers which is held once a week with varied topics, including problem solving, innovation, and success stories. Resources can also come from internal and external speakers. Sharing sessions can be conducted and participated by all Employees in the Company. In 2019, there were 43 sharing sessions.Specifically for Board of Directors, the sharing session program is known as "NOBADI" (Hanging out with the Directors). This session is more informal so as to create closeness between the Directors and Employees.