Corporate Secretary


Ari WIjaya

Served as Corporate Secretary since 2019. He earned a Bachelor in Mechanical/Production Engineering at Brawijaya University (1994) and Master in Management/Production at Trisakti University (2009).

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Ari WIjaya
Sekertaris Perusahaan



Date of Birth

March 23, 1970

Education Background

Mechanical/Production Engineering, Brawijaya University (1994)
Masters in Management/Production, Trisakti University (2009)

Occupational Position History

Legal Basis of Appointment

SK Direksi No. 269/EN/KPTS/005D/2019

Work Experience

Production Supervisor, PT Cipta Piranti Tehnik (Astra Group) (1994-1996)
Production Supervisor, PT Gillette Indonesia (1996-1998)
Quality System & ISO 9001 Project Leader, PT Gillette Indonesia (1998-2001)
Distribution & Administration Manager, PT Gillette Indonesia (2001-2002)
Supply Service Manager, PT Gillette Indonesia (2002-2003)
Supply Chain Manager, PT Nippon Indosari Corpindo (Sari Roti) (2003-2005)
Procurement Manager, PT Semen Andalas Indonesia (2005-2007)
Sourching & Supplier Development Manager, PT Danone Indonesia (2007-2009)
Strategic Sourching & Performance Manager, PT Elnusa Tbk (2009-2012)
Division Head of Procurement & Asset Management, PT Elnusa Tbk (2012-2013)
Vice President od Procurement, General Affairs and Property Management, PT Elnusa Tbk (2013-2015)
President Director PT Elnusa Daya Kreatif (2015-2017)
Vice President of Property Management & General Affiars, PT Elnusa Tbk (2017-2019)

Concurrent Position

Does not have concurrent position


Tangerang Selatan, Banten