Innovation Award

Innovation as a Solution

  • Award in Innovation Event “4th Istanbul International Inventions Fair (ISIF)” on Sepetember 2019. The innovation is Boom Crane Smart Basket for increase in the speed of the installation process of the Boom Modular Crane Unit through the manufacture of smart boom basketball in the Total E&P Indonesie modular crane project.
  • Award in UIIA event The Company sent a team to join the UIIA, which is a Presentation Forum in CIP Upstream Improvement & Innovation Award - Pertamina 2018, and at that event, the Company received Platinum, Gold, and Silver awards.
  • Upstream Improvement and Innovation Award
    Gold Award - PC Prove Pengabdi Reducing Potential Work Hazards Using Work Window Riser to Increase Opportunity of Additional Revenue at CTU project VICO Indonesia.
    Gold Award - I Prove Siko & Giono Reducing Occupational Risk with Modified Counter Balance Unit Using Brake System in RIG HER - 02 Job for Petronas.
    Gold Award - FT Prove Winning Tender of Modular Cranes with  Skidding Modular Crane System at Project Total EP Indonesia.
  • Upstream Improvement and Innovation Award
    Gold Medal - PC Prove Interlock Preventing the Pull of Loading-Arm by Tank Vehicle Using Safety Interlock Installation on Tank Vehicle in  Badas fuel terminal unit of PT Elnusa Petrofin.
    Gold Medal - PC - Prove Deep - C Minimizing Hazards Risks and Increasing Time Efficiency on Toping Up Fuel Avtur Activity Using Electric Starter Pump in DPPU Malang, PT Elnusa Petrofin.
  • Platinum Category CIP PC Prove Cascus Underwater, Pertamina UIIA Yogyakarta 2016
    The Company received the award in the Upstream improvent and Innovation Awards for Underwater Cascus Prove PC team that has won    the platinum category. The event was organized by the Directorate Pertamina Hulu.
  • Upstream Improvement and Innovation Award 2015
    The Company received seven uiia awards of pertamina for platinum  and gold categories. These awards were related to innovations of products and services of the Company businesses.
  • CIP award in CIP international asia pacific Quality Conference (APQC) Forum in shanghai 
    The Company received second prize and encouragement prize award for The Company's product innovation in international CIP - APQC.