Supply Chain Management Elnusa

Supplier Resources

To maintain operational performance, Corporate put great attention to all vendors, partners, and suppliers to give their best services to support all operational Elnusa

For the effectiveness of maintaining the supply chain to support all of the operational performance, Elnusa needs to choose and evaluate all supplier's performance to provide their very best services. Once became a background for corporate to implement strategic supplier method via Vendor Management System for mutual sustainability business relationship.

Elnusa Supply Chain Management covers Procurement and Logistics for Industrial Services to gather Best word Quality Goods and services as part of the supply system to support all Elnusa operational businesses.

Procurement Services activity gives a guarantee of accurate, measurable Service Level Agreement using an integrated Source to Pay (S2P) system we called SCM Online. Specifically, our procurement system gave us massive efficiency, such as follow:

  • Increase procurement visibility,
  • Strengthens to follow government regulation and procedure,
  • Gathering collaboration partners confident,
  • Choose and implement proper technology,
  • Better negotiation
  • Increase Accurate forecasting.

Logistics Services activity specifies to plan, implement, and control effective supply chain management from source to deliver the best product and services to our clients. We model, analyze, visualize, and optimize the complexity of our logistics activity with our Warehouse Management System (WMS) application software that we develop using our talented internal IT resources and optimizing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

Logistics activities covered:

  • Managing qualified transportation such as export-import and custom clearance administration,
  • Local Mob-Demob transportation.
  • Managing material supplies covered :
    1. Materials and master data management,
    2. Managing orders, receipt, store, and deliver goods.
    3. And warehouse management covering standardizes specification, layout, and optimization warehouse facility, Good corporate governance. It provides a guarantee of health and safety for every person involved.

Some innovation initiatives as contribute to our Supply Chain Excellence besides paperless SCM Online, Procurement Elnusa has already dealt with strategic partner for implement Blanket Order/ Outline Agreement/ a strategic Longtime agreement Contract for routine materials and services. Besides, for increasing SLA materials delivery achieved without adding corporate inventory value, Elnusa implements Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) systems. In contrast, the company provides spaces for partners to put their storage to cut the distance between inventory stocks to end-user.


For general provisions that apply at PT Elnusa Tbk, please download the following files: