Vision, Mission & Value

Corporate Identity

Corporate Vision, Mission, Values & Culture

The Company Vision, Mission, Values, and Culture Are Regularly Reviewed To Ensure Their Applicability With The Recent Developments In The Company’s Business.The formulation of the Corporate Vision, Mission, Values, and Culture involves all related parties such as Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, and Employees, and the interests of all Shareholders were all taken into account.

In line with the development of the business environment and the challenges faced, the Company has changed its vision and mission. The changes are to strengthen our confidence in facing future dynamics and business challenges. These have been approved by the Board of Commissioners and Directors and passed together with the 2017-2021 RJPP. The changes in vision and mission are presented as follows:


"Reputable Energy Services Company by Providing Total Solutions."

  • Improve business sustainability and profitability in local and international energy industries  to meet shareholders’ expectations.
  • Fulfill and maintain customer satisfaction by providing Total Solution through synergy, operational excellence, HSSE and GCG principles.
  • Improve employees’ welfare and growth opportunities
  • Establish harmonious and mutually beneficial relationships with  governments, partners, and communities.
Corporate Value
  • Clean
    Possess integrity, high commitment, and can be relied on in performing every business activity of the company.
  • Respectful
    Trusted in the business community and business environment because having expertise and high enthusiasm in completing their respective work quickly and accurately, understanding customer needs, providing the best service to achieve customer satisfaction and making work safety a top priority in carrying out every activity.
  • Synergy
    Proactively build good cooperation with customers, business partner, society, employees, and share holders.